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Acronym: BRENTA2030

Title: Promoting good governance and innovative financing schemes for biodiversity and water conservation of Brenta river

Call: LIFE18 NAT/IT/000756

Duration: 15/07/2019 - 14/07/2023 (48 mesi)

Coordinator: ETRA S.p.A

Partner: Etifor, Università di Padova, Comune di Carmignano di Brenta, Veneto Agricoltura, Consiglio di Bacino Brenta, Veneto Acque

Total EU Contribution: €  2.695.000,00

TESAF Budget: €  370.487,00

Responsible Scientific Officer/Investigator: Tommaso Sitzia

Research Team: Paola Gatto, Mauro Masiero, Thomas Campagnaro, Lorenzo Picco, Simone Iacopino, Carlo Zanetti

Brief description: LIFE Brenta 2030 aims to increase biodiversity and improve the provision of water-related ecosystem services of river habitats, the surrounding wetland and agricultural areas in the Natura 2000 site "Grave e zone umide del Brenta". The project focusses mainly on water drinking sector because it’s the ecosystem service with the highest added value in economic terms and it is a priority area of work for all institutions involved. To combine multiple goals, the project intends to promote good governance by creating positive synergies between drinking water and biodiversity conservation. It intends to do this by mitigating and transforming the major threats into funding opportunities for conservation: the project will apply an innovative pilot financing scheme for blue-green infrastructures in the drinking water business sector.

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Lucio Brotto from Etifor tells us about the journey of Parco Fiume Brenta.