Facts and figures

The overall TESAF research projects funds  amount at a total of 10 Million Euros, interdepartmental research centers projects included. The Departmental permanent research and teaching staff comprises of 37 Professors and 16 Researchers. Personnel includes 32 people. The Department also hosts 43 PhD students involved in LERH PhD program. Scientists and students working in TESAF have direct access to 28,000 books and to more than 6,000 on-line journals and 700 specialised periodicals kept in the Departmental library. The offer is completed by a library, IT services and a mountain-based lab.

TeSAF has extensive experience of international and European research projects, currently delivering projects funded for example by FP6 (EXIOPOL, HYDRATE), FP7 (NEWFOREX, AGORA, CORE Organic II, INTEGRAL, STAR TREE, BIOCOMES), DG Justice (SCORE), Life+ (CARBOMARK), Leonardo Da Vinci (ECOJOB), South East Europe (GeoSEE), Alpine Space Interreg IIIB (PARAmount, NEWFOR, SedAlp) and COST Actions.

The Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of University and Research Institutes has completed in June 2013 a peer review of research activities by 95 Italian universities and 12 research organizations in 2004-2010. Here some results:

  • University of Padova has been ranked as the first research institution in Italy
  • Out of 14 research areas, UNIPD is in the first position for 7; among them Agriculture and Forestry