Department location

The Department is located within the Agripolis campus, a centre of excellence in the field of research and technology transfer, some 10 kms south-eastern of the town.

How to reach us: Agripolis map

In the campus the Colleges of Agriculture and Veterinary of the University of Padova are operating in close contacts with the Veneto Region’s Technical Services for the agriculture and forest sectors (“Veneto Agricoltura”), the State Institute for Animal Health and various public and private technical and scientific organizations working in the primary sector.


The nearest airport is VENICE AIRPORT "Marco Polo" at Tessera (Venezia), 20 Km east of Padova (Padua). 

From the Airport there are frequent bus connections to Padova (SITA). You can check the timetable at this link:  (insert "Tessera Aeroporto" in the "Fermate di Partenza" field and "Padova Staz. FS" or "Padova Autostazione" in the "Fermate di arrivo" field).

There are also private shuttle connections from the Airport to Padova. You can contact:

Tel. +39-049-8704425; Fax +39-049-8705050; 

Tel. +39 049 8808505 - Fax +39 049 8809553
- E-mail:


Padova is at the crossroad of the Venezia-Milano and Venezia-Roma railways: many trains are available. The ride lasts 30 minutes from Venice, 2 to 3 hours from Milano, and 4 to 6 hours from Rome according to the kind of train selected. First and second class can be chosen. Before boarding remember to validate the ticket.

You can check timetables and buy e-tickets at the following link:


There is a regular bus service from Padova to Legnaro (SITA, Direzione di Sede Padova, Via del Pescarotto, 25/27 - Ph. 049 8206811,, The bus stop is just outside the railway station (on the left) or at Piazzale Boschetti. The buses leave every 30 minutes and arrive just in front of the Laboratories. Bus schedule.

For city buses in Padova see:


Padova can be reached from the A4 Milano-Venezia and A13 Bologna-Padova motorways.


To get a taxi in Padova call 049 651333